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WHY peck and find?

Posted 5 years ago in Australia by kaileybee.

well…it all started when i got my new baby, miss petunia (the beautiful piece of machinery i am using to communicate with you), and i commented to kyle that i should install mavis beacon (or some other program to teach me to type properly) instead of using this “peck and find” method i am so fond of. kyle guffawed, and said “PECK AND FIND, kailey??? it’s hunt and peck“.

when we were searching for a name for this blog, we went through a number that were simply unsuitable, some that just weren’t completely right, and some that felt like they could be right, but…were just okay.

in the middle of one of our brainstorming sessions, kyle came up with “peck and find”, and we laughed it off initially, but it totally stuck, and it felt right. i am travelling kind of randomly around, and just…searching. it works.

and also, used to be a porn site–it didn’t work with the “image”. good times.



On the live site, guests were encouraged to create an OpenID account and comment on this blog post:

Rather than requiring everyone to create yet another account name and password just to be able to comment on Kailey's blog posts, Kyle decided to implement support for OpenID.

By registering with one of many OpenID providers, you will be given a single identity URL that will allow you to securely sign in to Peck and Find (among many other websites) without a username or password. You will then be able to post comments that everyone can read. This is a free and easy to use service, if not easy to explain!

Basically, all you have to do is:

  1. Go to an OpenID provider, like
  2. Sign up for a new account.
  3. Return to Peck and Find to signin with your new OpenID.
  4. Comment away!
  5. ???
  6. Profit.