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gonna be okay [just dance]

Posted 4 years ago in Adelaide, SA, Australia by kaileybee.

So I know a good long post has been sadly lacking lately, and I certainly don’t want to be all pessimistic and say that it could be a small sign of things to come, because ohmygod, how I love to post! but circumstances (namely laziness) have prevented me from doing so lately. Apologies to my mother.

Lots of very exciting things have been happening lately, like my JOB! Which is awesome, but for one very disturbing fact: the water chemistry is off, so badly that after 3 hours in the water I am a twitching, itchy, rashy mess. Said rash doesn’t respond well to lotion either; it burns when anything comes in contact with it, and was so bad that one woman CRIED when she tried to put salve on it. In fact, she went to the doctor this week to get a medicated cream to put on it, and I was all “yeah, I don’t have medical coverage for stuff like that here!”, and as such am kind of feeling not so good about the whole pool thing. Sidenote, if one of the people from the pool in Edmonton whose name shall not be spoken could shoot me a copy of the Water Chemistry Manual, that would be muchly appreciated. I have a number of hunches about what could be happening, and a number of what I believe to be very valid concerns, but hey, we’ll see now won’t we?

Children are cute. End of story. And it is really, honestly, the cutest thing to see little two and a half year olds running through the water, moving faster than most of the six year olds I used to teach in Canada, grabbing their little puzzle pieces in the water or getting toys. They all wear goggles, so everyone puts their face in the water from the time they are babies, and so by the time they are three years old, most of these kids have an excellent flutterkick, unbelievable breath control, and aren’t scared of swimming underwater to the bottom of the pool and are more than comforable with being let go in deep water…after all, THEY CAN SWIM. Two of the kids I taught today had breakthrough days, and yelled to me “I AM HAVING SO MUCH FUN!”, even though last week we did the same games and the same exercises and I offered the same praise. They are both endlessly entertaining and endlessly baffling.

I am still looking for a full-time job; I had another agency appointment this week, and again was told that the agency would find me work (…thus the point of going to see them…); as marlapinsky said, and I am paraphrasing here, “get your ass to work woman and stop talking shit and find me a job!” Okay, that was a total paraphrase, but the sentiment was the same, I think. Quite frankly I couldn’t agree more.

Oh! Valentine’s Day/Ryan’s birthday: were lovely. Ryan made me the perfect omlette and it really WAS perfect, and that evening we were out celebrating his birthday at the Tap Inn, which led to many a good action shot picture at the driving range and many a good phrase (“I’m all about the irons”.) It was another good weekend spent with friends, as weekends should be.

Alright, I am going to have to end this here, because the scratching is getting too distracting. I am actually borderline concerned that there is something really wrong with the pool water…but then again, what do I know? Excuse me while I go slather myself in Vaseline.



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