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i'll kiss you again [between the bars]

Posted 4 years ago in Adelaide, SA, Australia by kaileybee.

WOW. How long has it been since I’ve updated the blog!?! Many fun and exciting events have been in the works, which is mostly why I’ve been sorely neglecting the updates, and hopefully I will be back on the updating bandwagon.

So the past few weekends I have been helping Ryan and his parents renovate the unit he bought last July, because as of tomorrow, we are going to be living in it! Which is, as Jessica would say, “super-duper” exciting! The unit is nearly perfect now, after repainting all the walls, replacing some light fixtures, removing the carpet and installing laminate flooring…it looks much newer and certainly very nice. Pictures will be posted to my facebook account for now, until I get my flickr account going again. So if you are not a facebook friend of mine, sorry! Hopefully I’ll have them posted on here soon.

Okay, I ran out of day again and need to be off to work; but once the move is over, I will be back! Stay tuned…



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