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you said you would never [give up easy]

Posted 4 years ago in Adelaide, SA, Australia by kaileybee.

For the past week Ryan has been home from work after having his wisdom teeth removed last Monday. I was able to be home with him for the first 2 days, as they were my days off, and then I went back to work. Of course, the first 2 days were the worst in terms of pain and swelling for him, and have I ever mentioned that I am a nervous nurse? There is nothing I hate more than taking care of people when they are sick, only because I get so stressed and uptight and feel that I am doing a bad job! It was a bad experience for him, and his face did balloon to the point that a comparison to Eddie Murphy in “The Nutty Professor” would not be unwarranted, which, in retrospect, was pretty amusing, even though it was highly painful. Which, as I recall, my face resembled as well when I had my wisdom teeth removed.

The good thing about being home is that after the initial pain has worn off, and you are starting to feel better, you can do fun things like watch movies and have naps and do all of the things you think about doing when you are at work and wish you were home. So we’ve been renting movies and enjoying the time that he’s home from work as much as possible given the circumstances under which he is here. I am happy to say that the swelling is almost completely gone and the patient is back to good spirits.

Because I have started working way more this week, and due to the extra stress of being a nurse for the beginning of the week, I was left completely burned out and feeling ill on the weekend, so this is going to be a weak little post. I had an interesting talk with my boss though, so I will keep you posted on what materializes out of that chat.

Thank you for the lovely comments regarding the blog, I appreciate all of them!



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